Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hanging Festival lights DIY

Hi friends

I would like to share a project made for Diwali. I have upcycled a cookie tin lid and some tiny jam bottles for this project. Used some wire, glass beads and T-Lite candles. You'll need wire-cutter and pliers to shape and shape the wire.

I started with marking and punching holes in the cookie tin lid ( 2 for each jar on the outer perimeter of the tin lid with a big nail and hammer sorry I forgot to take any pics) and then tying the wire around the jars and hanging on the lid. I created a hanger with wire wrapping on the center of the lid ........hope this pic in daylight can give you some clue of the process........

After all the wire wrapping and hanging it was time to fill the bottles with some sparkling shining glass beads to add color and shine and also to give desired height to place the T- lite candles. The candles fit well in the jars and this is safe and secure as its all metal and glass. I made sure that the wires are away from any direct flame and that the candles won't tip over as they fit perfectly with in the jars.

This project is quite easy to do and you can store these easily for reuse later, just slip the bottles/ jars out and remove beads for later use or using in another project. Use any size of jars or bottles and lids. you can also use chains to hang the jars so that this is even more flexible and easy to store. Hang as many or as few lights depending on the top lid or frame you use. Have fun !!

I love these hanging lights and they reflect to double the light in this mirror. Hope you like this simple festival lights project. 

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