Saturday, March 30, 2013

Black and Gold Card & a Quilled Butterfly

Quilled butterfly Card

Hi Friends

This is the first time I attempted on-edge quilling with this butterfly. I had used a thick transparent sheet as base(vellum like from the cover of a desk calender) as base and had thought to use glass colours to fill the spaces but at the last minute I tried silver colour with gold beads. I want to make another one with glass colors too. Painting the base was tricky as the gaps inside were very close.

Quilled butterfly Card

 Quilled butterfly Card

 Quilled butterfly Card

 Quilled butterfly Card

I have used a very nice golden paper from a wedding card on black cardstock, punched some small butterflies and added some quilling elements. I need some tips on how to take good pics, the card looks much better than the pics. Again a card with basic supplies and some recycling................hope you like it.

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I took inspiration from shruti's this card using butterflies

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easy Crafting with basic supplies

Hi Friends

Here's wishing you all a vibrant, colorful  happy holi. I played with my rangeela water colors and created some backgrounds to wish all of  you. Have used some simple water color techniques and little bit of quilling.

This 'Raining Colors' card is dedicated to Dr Sonia for her generosity in sharing and esp for her this post which deserves a place in any blogging bible. 
Raining Colors..................

Raining Colors..................
This Pichkari card is dedicated to Suganthi for her flawless quilling and all that I have learnt from her. This is inspired by her this post.Thank you dear ladies.........

For some reason I have not been able to capture this card well and the colors have played tantrums here. Tried different lighting so difference in colors in pics.This looks much better actually.

Quilled Pichkari

Quilled Pichkari

Quilled Pichkari

and now my whimsical take on Holi......................
A leisurely chit-chat after playing with colors............

A leisurely chit-chat after playing with colors............

A leisurely chit-chat after playing with colors............
some more simple layouts...............

quilled butterfly
quilled butterfly

I would like to share with my international friends that  Holi is an important festival and is celebrated all over India. The language of colors is Universal and the joy and celebration of colors is a celebration of LIFE itself!!!

Hope you liked these................................all these are painted freehand with water colours on papers from my younger son Ritvic's sketchbook.  

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Tutorial: Get more out of your Paper Shredder

Hi Friends, this is the first ever video made by me, Hope you like it

We normally use our shredder to shred paper into strips for quilling. Here's another way you can use it. I may post few other things this can be useful for but for today, pl see how one can make big fringed flowers easily and quickly. This is just an idea and I am sure you may come up with more ways to use this idea.some pics too..............

Pl do let me know your take on this....

Thursday, March 21, 2013

DIY Wooden Abacus school project -Tutorial

Wooden Abacus school project
This is a wooden abacus I made for my son's school project for computers under the topic Early  computing devices. The whole project is made up of recycled stuff and uses a glue gun and a red permanent marker.
Wooden Abacus school project

As abacus making is a common project in schools, I thought of sharing this simple project  as it may be useful for primary and middle level school goers and their mothers. 

Things I used for this project are :

  1. Two broken photo frames
  2. Thin Bamboo sticks taken out of waste pieces of window blinds. ( you can use any thin sticks or even wires)
  3. Wooden beads (local purchase). You can use any kind of glass, plastic or clay beads.
  4. glue gun
  5. Marker to show the place value of numbers

Thin Bamboo sticks taken out of waste pieces of window blinds.

In fact I started quilling using these thin bamboo sticks. the project is quite simple and I don't think a detailed tutorial is needed. 
Follow these easy steps:

  • Trim the bamboo sticks to fit the frame.
  • Thread ten beads each on every stick.
  • Arrange on the frame and fix using glue gun both at the top and bottom of the frame.
  • Write place value on the frame. 
  • Fix the other frame Back to back to give a neater appearance (in case like me you happen to have a spare one otherwise it is not necessary). 

some more pics to make it more clear.

 I have made the place markings both at the top and the bottom of the frame.

This is a fully working model and can easily be hung in the classroom or above the children study table. 

I enjoyed sharing this little project with you and hope you find it useful. 

I am linking this to itsybitsy craft-awards  in their Kids Craft Project of the Year  of the year category.  Wish me luck!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Quilled Owl Family

I wanted to quill an owl when I saw this flyer from Dominos

and then I quilled this fellow................

and then my younger son wanted a full Owl Family so...........

the baby owls are inspired by these cute baby owls by Miyyah, one of my favorite quillers. I have used hand cut strips  cut from 120 gsm A4 sheets. The background is Handmade paper. 

Hope you like it. 

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Recycled Beer Bottle Vase

Hi Friends
This is a beer bottle I up-cycled into a vase using just Pidilite white m-seal. I cut the bottle by using a string and nail-polish remover. I did this when there was no one in the house to stop me from getting adventurous as this involves heating the bottle and then immersing in cold water. In case you want to try this, there are some good tutorials on the net but in case you can not find one do write and I'll find for you. 

As the cut was not too clean and am not so patient as to sand it to get cleaner edges, I used my favorite Shilpakar white to seal the top edges. I used Shilpakar (M-seal) to make the motif on the bottle.I did it all free hand without any drawing. Did not feel the need to add any color as the contrast of the brown bottle with  white Shilpakar (Mseal) looked good to me.  You do not need any adhesive as m-seal alone fixes very well to the glass.

This can be used for flowers or to keep your paint brushes and other crafty stuff. I like to keep my paint brushes in a tall broad mouth bottle( can be seen in these pics behind the bottle vase)

Hope u like it, pl do leave your comments. 

Recycled/ Painted Glass turns to Gold

Radha-Krishna on Altered Art

This is a XXX Rum bottle I recycled sometime back using gold Acrylic colour and Fevicryl Hobby ideas glass colours. The image is an old cut-out from a magazine which has been decoupaged on the glass bottle using Fevicol MR after a little bit of retouching with golden colour.
The bottle has a raised design on which I used gold acrylic as an outliner and filled the little spaces inside with the jewel toned Fevicryl Hobby Ideas water based glass colours.
The raised border around the image and the design on the neck of the bottle is made by M-seal  and painted with gold acrylic. You do not need any adhesive as m-seal alone fixes very well to the glass.For those not familiar with M-seal  is an epoxy resin. It is actually a substance used by plumbers to seal leaks. It is manufactured as white Mseal for hobby crafts by Pidilite Industries and is quite inexpensive and easy to use. 

I distressed the neck of the bottle with gold acrylic and glass colours.

Here is the Bottle in its previous avatar
.............and here after transformation
And here's the back of the bottle in full vibrant gold and jewel tones. looks really nice when the lights shine on it and the lovely play of  multicolored lights cast their own spell. I want to make it into a lamp shade. Any suggestions?? A friend of mine commented, " Wow, Glass turns to Gold"
Am really happy with the way this has turned out. Awaiting your feedback on this.

I am linking this to Itsy Bitsy challenge  in their 3 D project of the year category.  Its the first time I am entering any of my projects in a competition. Wish me luck!
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