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A set of three............Altered Bottles and a tutorial !!!

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some more altered art....a set of three using fine POP/Ceramic powder, PVA glue, acrylic colors and dry brushing technique. The texture/ design on the bottles is also made of a clay using plaster of Paris and Fevicol MR/white school glue/ Elmer's/PVA glue. You can also use modelling paste for this.

The bottles are first cleaned, labels removed and dried thoroughly. Have used a paste of Plaster of paris mixed with glue thinned with water. The paste is of the consistency of  Gesso and a thick layer is put all over roughly to have an uneven texture.Let the bottles dry overnight.

The flowers and leaves are shaped with a clay mixture made of Plaster of paris and white glue. Knead the dough with an adequate amount of glue till the mix is of a consistency where it can hold a shape and is smooth. This clay can keep well for few days wrapped in a tight cling wrap. You can make the flowers/vines and leaves separately and let these air dry. 

I made another one using small pieces of marble mixed into the clay mix on the base layer......

a closer look...................

The clay flowers can be used in mixed media, altered art and any 3-D projects. I have arranged and adhered the flowers/ leaves etc on the textured bottle with the clay paste. The next step is painting the bottles....cover the base of the bottle and the flower arrangement thoroughly with black acrylic paint taking care that all the nooks are well covered. Let the black dry completely. Next I have used acrylic metallic powders by Fevicryl in gold, silver and copper and using a very less amount of color on a dry brush have lightly brushed layers of these colors on to the black. you can use any metallic colors, dry or liquid and using the dry brushing technique achieve the same effect. 

Here is another one I did with the same technique except that the faux metal effect is on the background. Here you can see the ceramic work with a light wash of color.... I liked the simple folk feel of it too !!

Some tips for Dry Brushing Technique : 
1. Dry brushing technique involves using a paint brush that has a minimum amount of paint on it and using it to highlight textures and edges.
2. It is best to use a flat brush for this technique.
3. Keep your brush at a 90 degree angle and lightly brush edges or raised areas. Start with a light touch and gradually build color/layers.
4. The secret to this technique is not to apply too much paint on your brush, it is a good idea to keep a spare paper on which you wipe your brush after taking paint on it before starting on your textured surface.

You can see other upcycled bottles by me hereherehere and here !!!

A final look..............  

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Linking to eclectic paperie-july challenge-altered-bottles

This project got a Special Mention on both the challenges !!


  1. Love them Suman :) They look fab ..Thanks for sharing :)

  2. gorgeous bottles.... love them

  3. Wow ! WONDERFUL !! You can achieve interesting effect by blowing gold/copper powder while the base is still wet !

  4. Wow - these are just stunning Suman! love the texture you achieved with the clay - and the paints you used - thank you so much for joining us in the ePlay challeng!

  5. Loving the wonderful textures created on the bottle. Eye candy.

  6. Gorgeous work, Suman. Love the rich colors and textured design.
    Thank you for playing along with us at Lulupu 3D challenge.

  7. Wow! Lovely.. loving the loads of textures and heaps of embellishes in there!
    Thank you for joining us at Lulupu challenge#35- Go 3D

  8. Wow! This looks fabulous, Suman. Totally love the textures you have created using the dry brush technique.
    Thank you so much for playing along Lulupu #35 and best of luck :)

  9. This is absolutely beautiful. I love how all the bottles look and those flowers are beautiful. I love the last bottle with the more "folk" style feel. Awesome and thank you so much for playing along with us in this months ePlay challenge!!!!! xoxoxo

  10. Awesome tutorial and the altered bottles look too too gorgeous. Love all the texture Suman ji.. Thank you so much for joining the fun at Lulupu go 3D challenge. Good luck.. :)

  11. Super cool bottles! The metallic finish is gorgeous! The faux metal finish and simple floral design on the last bottle is stunning. Thanks for sharing! :)

  12. Very lovely :) An interesting idea I like the finish too this rich bronzy feeling. (Greetings- from All in Beads) ;)

  13. Wonderful bottles - they're REALLY addicting, aren't' they? :D

  14. Suman I saw your comment on You Tube in a Colour Arte video. I was curious and went here to take a look. I must confess I'm thrilled to see your work. These bottles are awesome ! Love the fabulous metallic look. Very pretty work. Did you have any molds to shape the flowers ? And which molds ? I NEED to see the other bottles you linked to.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely art ! I'm so happy I went here.
    Hugs from Monica....Spain


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