Friday, April 5, 2013

Self designed PP

Another quick post share a rushed work.

This self made PP was quickly made at around 23:00 hrs yesterday as my younger son suddenly remembered (???) that he needed a copy cover in this particular shade of pink for his school club notebook and it had to be embellished too!!!

Well!! the problem was that firstly, I did not have any chart paper of this color,Secondly: I was too tired and sleepy and lastly: I was upset that he told me so late.

but as most of you know, mothers never have a choice!!!!

so found two A 4 size sheets of pink, pasted them together, put a glitter tape on the joint and then just randomly drew spirals with glitter pen and a swirl with glitter glue to finish off ( what will I do without the glitter, have used three glitter products here :)

not too bad !! at least my son was satisfied and happy and I was allowed to go to sleep......
just sharing in case it is helpful to any of you in such emergencies.......:)
also it has given me some ideas to make some PP for future use.
and thank god I had this shade of pink at least in A4 size!!
Pl do leave your comments and suggestions, Its a pleasure to hear from you ...


Hussena said...

Suman you know na mother have the most unappreciated job of all ..Trust me I face this situation so many times that now I just take it in my stride that my daughter/son will always have last minute projects to decorate or help them in art work !!!..I really like the way you have doodled the BG for the cover and all that glitter is the perfect touch :)

Deepti Stephens said...

Wow!! PP is beautiful Suman!

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