Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers day card by my little one

Hi Friends

Please indulge a proud mom today :)

This is a card made by my 10 year old son for Mother's day. I am proud that he did all the cutting, pasting, writing by himself, He just asked me my favourite colors and selected the paper from my stash. he has decorated all the surfaces of the card with leaves and butterflies.

 inside  is his message written with the gold metallic pen. Pardon the overload on bling as these are the only jewels he can afford for his mom right now!!

Just could not stop myself from sharing this with all of you. 

Tejal Shah of Creative Expressions is having a party on her blog.
She has crossed 75k page views and 200= followers!
All are invited. She has four candies as return gifts for being part of her party!! so see you at 
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Deepti Stephens said...

Wow! I'm touched proud mamma.. God bless him..
This card is sooo sweet.. :)

CJ said...

You should be feeling so proud, right?
I always had felt bad about not giving all these cute feelings to my mom when I was young. U r so lucky....

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