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Decoupage and paint magic on Glass Bottles

Hi Friends

sharing some bottles with decoupage and paint.........
My regular readers know I love to alter bottles, In fact my crafting journey began with painting on bottles with glass paints. You can see some of my earlier posts where I have shared my altered bottles with my blogger friends herehereherehere,hereherehere and here

I recently went on an painting spree to paint few bottles to gift some friends who were asking for them and also ( the real reason...psssst) for the Paperartsy-bottles-challenge

Here is the first one in soft pink with a decoupage napkin, twine,  a charm, some pearl paint and a quilled flower......the box is also a recycled box with stenciling with texture paste and  Acrylic colors.......

Here is the same bottle with some lights in it .........


The second one is again decoupage and acrylic colors in a distressed look using a sponge.......



The third one has a texture base using Grunge paste applied by fingers and textured.I Stenciled leaves using the crafters workshop stencil and texture paste after the base dried. The bottle is then painted with various shades of blue and green  metallic acrylics. The stencil design and texture is highlighted using Gold and silver metallic powders by Camel .


The pic on the right shows the true colors.......all layers are sealed by a coat of Varnish.....


ETA: Got lots of queries regarding the texture paste used in the above bottle,so adding a little tutorial for making your own Texture Paste : 

Here is the homemade texture/Grunge paste recipe: I use ceramic clay powder mixed with Fevicol MR( any white PVA glue)+ Water in a 1:1:1 ratio. Add White acrylic color in equal ratio if you want a whiter mix. You can also use baby powder instead of clay. The texture with the baby powder is smoother than clay. You can adjust the quantity of water little bit to get a nice thick texture like toothpaste.

When using as a texture paste with stencils, add white acrylic color too. You can adjust the quantities depending on what you want to use it for. For making embellishments or clay items, you can add more powder to have a dough consistency. For stamping you can have a liquidy texture and add the colour of your choice. The clay mixture works super economic and is good to be used as texture paste on three D objects like bottles, boxes etc or with stamps, stencils or moulds. It keeps well in a tight container for months, air dries quickly and is light-weight. You can do a lot with this, add colors, embed beads, lace, sequins in this and it adheres very well. One word of caution, wash your stamps and stencils immediately and well after stamping/stenciling with the mix. You can see a simple card I made using this and a wooden block printing stamp here.

This bottle was painted in black and a free hand pattern drawn using the paint pens in white and are the patterns on both sides of the bottle......


Now the last one with trying the crackle paint on the glass bottle .......


All the flowers are handmade using some punches and some hand-cut flower patterns...........


love how the crackle effect shows when lights are put inside this bottle.....

All the bottles were sealed with two coats of Asian Paints Varnish. Hope you would like these, please feel free to ask any questions regarding the process or the products used. 

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  1. Ooh I am drooling. I have said this before and am saying it again...I have to come visit you and see and touch these beauties in oerson...please invite me to your home Suman !!

  2. Lovely creations. ..Each one a different style. In spite of the pink, love the first one,lol. How did you get the light in there to glow ?

    1. Just spotted your lovelies dropped by again.. Thank you so much for sharing this with us at Rhedd's Creative Spirit This month. Good luck. Rupa, DT

  3. All are Awe-some!!! Last crackled effect bottle is my fave and so superb!!!!

  4. Woww.. woww.. and woww!! This is tooo beautiful Suman!! I dint even know acrylic stays put on glass when it is wet! I love the flowers on the last one.. and each bottle is beautiful in its own way.. so diverse!!

  5. Wow, what an amazing collection of altered bottles!! You have been very busy in your craft room! I love the shots at night when they are all lit up, so gorgeous and romantic! hugs :)

  6. Wow! You've really let your imagination run wild there. Some really fabulous results. Lx

  7. Awesome bottles ! Loved each of them but the grungy blue colored one is bit more favorite :) !

  8. WOW Suman - YOU have a GREAT TALENT for transforming/altering bottles. These are ALL INCREDIBLE. I don't know which one I like best - maybe the handpainted one? But they are all WONDERFUL. Thanks bunches for joining the June Challenge at Rhedd's Creative Spirit. j

  9. Woooaawww! Your bottles are stunning!! Thank you so much for sharing all the photos. Great inspiration!! I have saved some nice shaped bottles to alter, just didn't get around to it yet ... (true for so many other "gonna do some day" projects...). I visited PaperArtsy just now and ordered some of their miniature Tim bottles, and it's all your fault! LOL! Seriously, I have wanted some and now I got the kick I needed to order them :)

  10. These are beautiful Suman! Love how they glow in the night too. Your home must look so lovely with all these wonderfully altered bottles!

  11. Wow, what a beautiful array of work here, I love all the altered bottles here. I am happy to follow you too :)

  12. Oh these are all just lovely! I would be hard pressed to choose a favourite! Thank you for entering your project at Rhedd’s Creative Spirit. Sammy-x

  13. very pretty bottles, Suman!! Thank you for your visit to my blog
    Nati from Brazil

  14. Wow ... these are just so pretty love all of them and specially the glow in the dark one.

  15. This is something very different! Love all these, so creative, my favourites are the one with elephants and the one with all the flowers, and I also love the box in the first photo. Superb artwork and ideas.

  16. Absolutely gorgeous work Suman ..Love your decoupage bottles especially last one with flowers and cracked effect ..Looks stunning !!

  17. Which Asian paints varnish do you use? I'll be a first time experimenter.


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