Friday, March 4, 2016

Mica Stone Sculpture Texture Canvas for ColourArte

Hi Friends
sharing a canvas with tutorial on the ColourArte blog today, I am pleased with the yummy textures here....

Lets see the process now:
I started with a 12"x!2" canvas board. A thick coat of Texture paste all over the canvas.  while the paste is wet, press damp crochet doilies, laces and stamps to create texture on the canvas. embed lace flowers, paper clay flourishes, dragon fly, paper flower,beads, bottle cap charms into the paste.
You can see the detail of doily impression, embedded clear beads and bottle cap embellishment here.............
let dry overnight....simple handmade flower and the paper clay dragonfly.....
 A coat of Black Gesso and Texture sand paste on the edges. I added some detail with epoxy putty to add some stems to my flowers
 a little dry brushing with white gesso to create variation in colors
 I created a spray with the new product by ColourArte --The Solution acrylic wash to make a Spray Fixative to bind Arte-Pigments to my project using the ratio of  1 Part-“The Solution”-3 Parts water .........
Next I sprinkled Primary Elements Bolivian Blue, Majestic Blue, teal Zircon,African jade and sprayed with the custom mix, drying the layers in between
IMG_4396 IMG_4397
Here I am adding Black Ice Primary Elements to create shadows..
 after this dried, I added some layers of silks with apple Blossom,Yellow Rose randomly
DecoArt crackle glaze is added to create a crackle effect
Finally dry brushing with Metallic lustre in Rose Gold, Brilliant Turquoise to enhance the  textures and crackle effect. The final canvas has a wonderful metallic stone sculpture-ish look , hope I am able to capture it for you in these pictures...
 IMG_4415 IMG_4416
CA March
Thank you so much for your visit today, I appreciate and look forward to your comments and feedback.
please visit for a step by step tutorial.....

Please do leave your comments. I would love to read what you say and I would love to visit your blog too !!


Shylaashree said...

great job, fabulous

Sathya said...

Awesome textures!!! Beautiful colors...Lovely art piece on the whole dear :)

yyam said...

Oh wow. LOVE the textures and the metallic sheen!

Lena Misquitta said...

Suman, this is amazing !

Dana Tatar said...

Gorgeous piece! I love the texture. I wish I could reach through my computer and touch this! ;) Thanks for sharing!

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