Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Guest post for Itsy Bitsy

Hi Friends

sharing another painted Mask created recently for a guest post at Itsy Bitsy blog here. 

Today, I have worked on the Paper-mache masks, Mont Marte Black Gesso,Itsy bitsy Pearlised Metallic paints in Gold, Silver, Brick Red and Teal Blast, Little Birdie Color Splash sprays in Grape Crush and Lime Splash and Glitter Glue in Gold metallic…….all these were sent to me along with many other wonderful supplies from Itsy Bitsy Store.

I started with the white Mask and gave two coats of Black Gesso using a sponge. I am so happy with the smooth coverage by the Mont Mode Black gesso, just the right consistency and it gives a smooth matte surface.

I added a lot of die cuts, drywall tape,  glass beads and embellishments with Silicon Glue by Itsy Bitsy. The silicon glue is fast drying and the bond is strong, moreover, as it is a rubber adhesive any extra glue can be easily removed by rubbing with an eraser even from paper.

Added some micro beads, you can use all mixed beads and embellishments of any color as everything gets covered with a coat of Black gesso in the next step……..

Now it time to dry brush with metallic paints in various colors till one is happy with the result. There are few tips and tricks you should keep in mind when you use this technique

Some tips for Dry Brushing Technique :
1. Dry brushing technique involves using a paint brush that has a minimum amount of paint on it and using it to highlight textures and edges.
2. It is best to use a flat brush for this technique.
3. Keep your brush at a 90 degree angle and lightly brush edges or raised areas. Start with a light touch and gradually build color/layers.
4. The secret to this technique is not to apply too much paint on your brush, it is a good idea to keep a spare paper on which you wipe your brush after taking paint on it before starting on your textured surface.
The Pearlized metallic paints are opaque in nature so it is important to build the color in layers with very light strokes of a dry brush otherwise you will miss the contrast with the Black Gesso. In case you feel that your color layers are too thick, simply cover again with a coat of Black Gesso and start again.

To create more contrast, I sprayed the mask with Little Birdie Color Splash Inks in Grape crush and Lime splash. The liquid sprays settle within the highly textured surface, the inks need to be heat set on non-porous surfaces like the gesso-ed surface of the mask. 

Dry brushing with the pearlized metallic paints and adding some embellishments. I have used the beautiful silk yarn bought during the Itsy Bitsy sale to use as ties. Beautiful feathers from Itsy bitsy and silicon glue make a wonderful handmade embellishment…….

Glass beads from Itsy Bitsy………

I decided to mount the eye mask onto another Full face mask. Have dry brushed edges of full face mask with Teal Blast Pearl Metallic paint and added little Glitter Glue in Gold metallic around the eyes and lips…..

I really enjoyed creating “The Majestic One” for Itsy Bitsy……hope you get some tips and inspiration from today’s post. 

I enjoy creating Masks, if you want you can see my earlier creations here and here !!

I made a slideshow for sharing some more pictures of this project, click on the link to see….

here is my model....my younger son Ritvic ......bad pics but these were the only pics I managed to click (clicking Pics and giggling = bad idea )...

Please do leave your comments. I would love to read what you say and I would love to visit your blog too !!


Unknown said...

You are amazing Suman. Such an INCREDIBLY FABULOUS project - sooooooooooo GORGEOUS. And the pictures of you modeling son are just PRECIOUS - love them. Your mask is truly a work of art... WOW WOW WOW. Xj.

Unknown said...


sheila 77 said...

Hello Suman, I've just been over at the Itsy Bitsy blog and left a comment.
Your mask is fantastic in the real sense of the word Your attention to detail and how you make the special effects is beyond words.
Thanks for all the tips, the great photographs of the process and the video.

Dana Tatar said...

I love the texture and shimmer on this piece! Gorgeous work!

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