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Hi Friends

Sharing another mixed media canvas with all of you using Craft Cement from Little Birdie and color supplies from DecoArt Media

I used Cheese Cloth  and  Craft Cement and a face mold to create my composition......... ...Home Decor Panel ...Home Decor Panel

leave it overnight or for 24 hours to dry completely. I used Stencils and DecoArt Modeling paste to create sun ray and stone wall textures on the MDF square board of size 8"x8". Adhered the focal element made with craft cement and Gauze with DecoArt Heavy Gel Medium and then used DecoArt  Black Gesso to cover all...... ...Home Decor Panel

let dry and colored with DecoArt Neon Fluid Acrylics ...Home Decor Panel
Fiery Red and Torrid Orange DecoArt Americana Neon Acrylics............ ...Home Decor Panel
Cobalt Teal Hue , Cobalt Turquoise Hue and Blue-Green Light Decoart Media Fluid Acrylics ..... ...Home Decor Panel ...Home Decor Panel
DecoArt Media Fluid acrylics in Interference Violet , Interference Blue and Interference magenta .Media Interference Fluid Acrylics include six translucent colors that shift in color and appearance depending upon the light, viewing angle and color of the surface on which they are applied.
When applied over a dark color you will see more opalescent color and less of the color shift. When applied over a light color you will see a sheer opalescent color but more of the color shift. Thin applications in a wash or glaze increase the visual interference effects...... ...Home Decor Panel
I have highlighted all the textures with DecoArt Metallic Lustre in Burnished Brass,Gold , copper and turquoise  which is a water based metallic wax that buffs to a brilliant shine...... ...Home Decor Panel ...Home Decor Panel ...Home Decor Panel

After all the layers were completely dry I coated the canvas with DecoArt Clear Pouring Topcoat. although this was used a a topcoat for paint pouring projects but I love the lacquer-like, high-gloss finish it provides. The Pouring topcoat is crystal clear, non tacky and self-leveling and does not yellow over time..............added some gems to finish off.... ...Home Decor Panel

I do hope you will like this ............
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SD pooja said...'s Amazing !

Mixed Media Academy Challenge said...

This is so amazing.
Thank you for your entry in our challenge.
All the best and hope to see you next time.

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