Monday, June 3, 2013

Quilled Masterpieces by Anant Nanvare

Hi Friends
Today I want to share with you the amazing work of  Mumbai based artist Anant Nanvare. He did these amazing portraits as part of a project during his Fine Arts course. I spoke to him a few times, a man of few words, he's right now active in the world of advertising in Mumbai. Feast your eyes on his quilling and other amazing projects..........

Doesn't he deserve to be counted amongst the best Quilling artists of the world!! See these amazing quilled portraits and plenty of other Artforms too on Anant's site


  1. Oh my !!! These are outstanding ..I had seen these paintings in various mediums before but never with quilling.Thanks Suman for sharing ,Its very inspiring as most of the times quilling is just limited to flowers and butterflies and inspirations like these encourage to try out something different.

    1. Pooja, so happy you also think like this!! I feel so humbled by such talent and you know, anant is such a modest man, really was a pleasure to interact with him!!

  2. Seen these quillings and his site too...Fabulous tight coils and its use to bring about expressions...Fantastic..Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Thank you so much for sharing these, Suman! The last 2 pictures are very familiar, I've seen them pop many times on Facebook, but I never knew who is the artist responsible for creating these masterpieces!
    Definitely gonna check his blog, too!

    Thank you again!

  4. Thanks Manu, aren't these so special!! will meet him when Anant comes to Delhi or whenever I visit Mumbai, I plan to do a small interview with him :)

  5. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog..i am new your new follower too..looking forward towards your new posts !!

  6. Oh wow...these works of arts are just amazing. Imagine the time. Thanks so much for sharing these and the links. I just have to share your post.

  7. This is exceptionally good. You are truly a gifted artist. Quilling and so real looking. SUPER work.

  8. Oh yes. These are amazing pieces. The level of detail is just brilliant!

  9. thanks so much for sharing this and thanks for joining in the candy on my blog.


  10. is really beautiful.. a lot of hard work has gone into it..wonderful job..god bless u..

  11. amazing..wonderful and beautifully done..god bless u..


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