Sunday, December 1, 2013

Old Jigsaw puzzle and some multi-media snowflakes

Hi Friends , this is my second project for Lessology toy story challenge . I have used some old jigsaw puzzles with a lot of pieces missing to recycle for this project.

Started with ..................

First I tried making the snowflakes in pristine white with some real snow effect using thermacol which you can see in these pics. It looked nice but I was not entirely happy with the effect so more layers were added. I would like to share a tip  here...... it you want to try using thermacol/ styrofoam, add talcum powder to the grater, your hands and the container to cut the static. If you use any face/baby/dusting powder it is very easy to work with otherwise it will keep flying all over. . 

Well so after Gesso, tissue, layering with thermocol layers and acrylic colors in silver, gold, acrylic gloss medium, sequins and more colors, you get................

 I loved this antique gold kinda look the best....

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  1. Wowwwwwww! These are gorgeous!! Love them!!!!

  2. Nice tip..I just was wondering how could you grate it so finely ! I liked the texture on the snowflakes :) !

  3. Great use of those puzzle pieces!
    Looks amazing!
    Thanks for joining us at LESSology!

  4. So very clever, looks terrific.

  5. Wow! Gorgeous snowflakes! I love the texture and your creative use for puzzle pieces. Thanks for the tips and the inspiration! :)

  6. really are on a roll!!! Another great use for those old jigsaw puzzle pieces...these look soooo pretty! Thanks once more to showing off your creative-ness with us at LESSology!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. WOW! Those a WONDERFUL!!!! Hugs all the way from New York!


  8. WOW !! Suman , you come up with such awesome ideas .The texture of the ornament looks stunning.Happy New year to you Suman.

  9. Grated are genius!!


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