Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Textured Painting .....Trash to Treasure

Hi Friends

sharing a Textured painting with you using some spare piece of wooden board and Wall putty !!

Started with a piece of 8'x8' piece of wooden board (left after some home renovation ) and gave two coats of wood primer. Mixed the wall putty with some fevicol MR and add water to it. the consistency should be that of texture paste. You can use china clay ( available easily in craft stores) or some ready wall compound also for this ). Spread the paste on the primed surface in a thickness of about 3-5 mm and create texture using any household objects like lids, pen caps , stamps etc.I have used my wooden blocks to stamp designs in wet clay. Take care to wet your stamps before stamping and wash the stamps immediately or put the stamps in water till you are finished mark making. This is how it looked after stamping, leave to dry well for at least 24 hrs.

Give two coats of Acrylic Gloss medium ( I used Camlin),  drying in between layers, you can see the gloss on the piece in the following picture after the gloss medium has been added. Now to build layers of colors, Used Cadmium Yellow Medium and cadmium Lemon and hand rubbed with a little water. Smooth with a paper towel and rub off with a cotton cloth to retain some areas with the base color. Paint with another layer of Gloss medium after the yellow dries completely and let gloss medium dry too .

This is after adding a layer of Permanent rose and Magenta on the yellow !! repeat all the steps  ie hand rub colors, smooth with paper towel, take color off with a cotton cloth to reveal base layer and yellow layer from certain areas and after drying give a coating of Gloss medium.

here you can see the layers............

I gave some additional layers with Phthalo Blue and Black and deep green and repeated the steps, The last layer was a wash of Black acrylic. And then it was time for some magic with the fabulous silk acrylic glazes by ColorArte.

a top layer of dry brushed silks in various colors brought a lot of glamour to this piece........

some close-ups ..........
a touch of stickles to the butterflies and peacocks..............

a bit of bling in the four corners..............
and a layer of Varnish later.............

Please do leave your comments. I would love to read what you say and I would love to visit your blog too !!


  1. Wow. ..This is just so attractive Suman. I love the colors here and looks like a group of panels like this on the wall would really make a good home decor.

    1. Rupa, I love your idea of a group of panels !!

  2. Lovely colors & textures Suman! Can one skip the layers of gloss medium in between?

    1. Tanvi, you need to add a layer of resist in between layers so that all the layers are visible in the end, you can use varnish or gloss medium to do that !! this to me seems like Batik, going from light to dark and saving the lighter layers with a coating of any resist medium !! hope this helps !!

  3. Its Lovely and you have used different materials for it..I mean wall putty ,I am sure most of use must be having the leftover powder stacked somewhere in our home :) Loved the layers of colors on it too:)

  4. Fabulous art work, Suman. Thanks for sharing that amazing texture during initial stage. Color layers look awesome..especially last layer of Colour Arte Silks!!

  5. Excellent art work. Layers are done wonderfully. Thanks suman for sharing

  6. Lovely art work. Thanks for sharing suman

  7. Excellent art work. Layers are done wonderfully. Thanks suman for sharing

  8. Oh my. LOVE the dimensional texture. Looks amazing!


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