Friday, April 1, 2016

ColourArte Design Team Call

Hello Friends
Today I want to show you my project for ColourArte Design Team Call 2016. 

I decided to reapply, because I love this wonderful team and the gorgeous ColourArte products, and still want to work with them. My project is a Gond Art Painting, with lot of Primary Elements Arte Pigments.

This is a 30x45 cm painting on Canson 300gsm paper. First I would like to share a bit about Gond Art style of painting . 

Gond Art is a folk/tribal art form of Madhya Pradesh, India. It is a Gond belief that viewing a good image begets good luck. The subject matter in Gond paintings extends from myths and folktales to images in their daily life. The most striking thing in Gond paintings is the 'detailing' or repetitive patterns used to paint mainly trees, birds and animals (each having a story of their own ).

Each Gond painting has its own poetic tale, myth or lore which recreates the familiarity and awe with which the Gond people view the natural world.

I started with drawing freehand the design on the paper..........

then I sprayed some light colors of Radiant Rains Sweet Whisper, Sea Foam and Honey Dew to get some color on my page........

I decided to use the Primary Arte Arte Pigments as acrylic can make your owm acrylic colors with The Solution....the wonderful new product from ColourArte which allows you to create your own sprays and paints...........

All the colors used here are made mixing the Arte pigments with The Solution to create acrylic opaque paints. These paints are ultra smooth and you can make them as thick or fluid by adjusting the amount of the Solution. they dry real quick too, Here you can see Autumn leaf mixed with The Solution to paint the Tortoise........

I have used Mystique Blue, Pink Anthurium, Kiwi , Dragon Fly and teal Zircon Arte pigments and the solution to paint all the different elements here. After the painting with custom made acrylics is over, one needs to create texture by pens. I have used Micron 08 to outline all the elements and then the Isomars/Rotring Isograph 0.3 pens and the Rotring Inks in black and white to add texture. The Rotring pens have a refillable reservoir for ink,  you can see the fine precise tip and the ink reservoir in this pic........

The paint ..and then the fine texture with pens..............

Later I added some more texture all over with stamping with Archival black ink and texture stamps....

some stencils and Radiant Gels in Emperers Gold and Varoom Red..........

some close ups ..........

ColourArte Supplies :
Other Products:
Isomars Pens, Rotring Inks in black and white
Micron 08 pen
Archival ink Black
DecoArt stencils
texture stamps Prima

This post is also my post for today at the ColourArte blog, I do hope you would leave some love for me on the ColourArte blog here
Please do leave your comments. I would love to read what you say and I would love to visit your blog too !!


  1. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ such a treat to d eyes. Gorgeous piece.

  2. Lovely work
    Congratulations on winning Dr Sonia's Giveaway

    Happy to find you
    Happy to follow you

  3. This is out of this world, Suman. Your initial drawing was a great start and it was fascinating to follow you through all the steps, even making your own acrylic paints. I was also very interested to see the pens you used, I thought the Rotring pens had been replaced by the more modern pens as I used to use them many years ago and then they were very scratchy.
    Your finished painting is totally delightful with all the details, the pretty birds, the peaceful turtle and your wonderful choices of colours.

  4. Wow. Incredible details...turned out awesome!

  5. Wow gorgeous Suman! I love the vibrant colours you used! Beautiful work and a big congrats on your success with ColourArte! hugs :)

  6. Wow! Gorgeous painting! The pen work must have taken forever, but the results are amazing. Good luck with the DT Call. They'd be lucky to have you on their team for another term. :)


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