Friday, July 3, 2015

A quick school project....stencils and spray paint !!

Hi friends

My son had to decorate a 8x10 wall tile for his school's 50th anniversary......and we had just half an hour to do's a quick and easy project......

My son was happy sanding the tile to create some rough texture so that the paints have a better chance to adhere. He then painted it all over with the black acrylic paint. we were so short of time that we decided to go with simply stenciling a out with some inexpensive stencils and a spray paint in gold........this part was done by me for obvious reasons. I used a craftslane flourish stencil in the opposite corners and the itsy bitsy party stencil on the left hand bottom corner , I messed up on the right top corner so just wiped all the paint and stamped with the negative of the party stencil which had a lot of paint on it the gold on white with all that embossing kinda of happy accidents !! The 3D outliner by Fevicryl in copper is used to write Anniversary wishes and some dimension on the cake. The spray paint dries super quick.....a coat of spray varnish and packed and ready for school !! Hope this is useful and gives some new ideas to the busy moms and kids !!

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  1. This is wonderful Suman!! I love the rich neutral palette and the gold accents are so gorgeous!! Fabulous birthday page! hugs :)

  2. Wow Suman, this is gorgeous so much to look at, I love it
    Kevin xx

  3. Lovely, Suman! What a fabulous outcome this is.....


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