Saturday, April 6, 2013

A cheerful sunny day

quilled card
Hi Friends

Just a quick quilled card. The background paper is handmade paper and the textured white card stock is salvaged from the cover of an old project report submitted by one of my father's PhD students.

Hope you like it.....thanks for dropping in


  1. Lovely quilling !!! orange colour always looks pleasant and refreshing .

  2. Very cute ! Loved the crimped swirl and the reusing of course !!

  3. Lovely card Suman. Thanks for providing the link to your blog on your last reply. I had lost the link to your blog and was looking for it, but every time I would click on your name when you left a comment, I would be directed to your Google plus page and there is no link there to your blog in your profile. So I have been replying to your messages on my blog trying to get in touch with you. I wanted to pass the blog award to you. I have seen the tutorial before and saw it again on your Google plus page.

    Nupur, Thrilling Quilling

  4. Lovely, I like how you incorporate the material. I love handmade paper; Been experimenting & exploring the procedure recently. Thanks for your sweet comment on my post.

  5. hELLO,
    tHANK YOU so much for the beautiful words of yours in the comment box.
    Awesome blog page you have.
    Will be commenting on many more projects as i see lot of hard work ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BLOG SECTION and amazing work on this site as well.

    It is a pleasure to know you as well.

  6. lovely card... Just seen your blog.. your work is great..

  7. I love working with paper, but have never tried quilling. Your designs are a real inspiration!

  8. Thinking about the gorgeous fate of the PHD report made me smile!!!

  9. Hii..
    I have passed on a blog award to you.. please check it in my blog and pass forward it.

  10. Heh Heh!! I'm sure the report was as good as your quilling.!! Love the way you made art from simple things.

    1. Haha Christine, it was an old old report, I just stole the inside textured cover quietly.

  11. This is really pretty! Your quilling is exquisite!


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